“your garden was an inspiration to each of us.”

“The variety of plant material, the unique fences & gates, the interesting water features, the careful placement of art -every aspect of your garden was an inspiration to each of us.”
The chapel hill garden club


Justin Waller

Garden Magician, Horticulturist-in-Chief, has applied his artistic vision and indomitable spirit to create the Deer Chase Gardens since 1989.  His disciplined approach to showing off mother nature’s creation gives the Deer Chase Gardens their magic. Justin is also a cedar-structure artist, shade garden sculpting master, and dedicated environmentalist.

Marcia Angle and Mark Trustin

Marcia and Mark live amidst this lovely garden, in a house built following the LEED criteria at the gold-level (certified by the Triangle Green Home Builders Association).

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Image Sources: Marcia Angle, LeTisha Harvey, Dana Mortensen, David Poulos, Diane Robertson, Charles Smith, Shelli Stanback, Mark Trustin, and Justin Waller